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j_w_j_boston_us posted:
I want to renew two barely expired domains. My first debit card was declined. I found the probable reason in the listing of my card details, missing address information.  I deleted the first listing which was lacking address information, and submitted the renewal again with a different listing of the first card with  updated address information.
I did not see any action. I canceled the renewal attempt with that first card with updated address information, and submitted a new renewal with a different card. Still no action. Please advise me on how long to wait before trying again.
ReplyQuote4/11/2020 05:00
teamdynadot posted:
Sorry for the delayed response. We had a look at the order and it appears that it has processed. Can you confirm that everything is fine now? Please feel free to reach out to us if you have additional concerns through our Chat at the top right of your screen inside our Support drop down menu.
ReplyQuote4/27/2020 09:55
Cart isn't allowing me to checkout with Paypal. I opened a chat about it for which I have the transcript. I didn't have time to hang about so I asked "chat" to open a support ticket and email me but I haven't heard anything back. I want to switch my existing domain to auto renew so was trying to purchase some extra years for it. It's a related "Payment Issue" so figured I'd reply here rather than start a separate post. Hope to hear back. Thanks.
ReplyQuote8/23/2020 05:50
Hi, looks like your account was set restriction due to invalid account information and Whois contact. I can see you updated it already. The restriction is now removed. You should be able to submit new orders.
ReplyQuote9/1/2020 23:32
Yes transaction processed. Thanks for fixing and your reply.
ReplyQuote9/2/2020 03:27