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Order Status is Processing...
8/19/2012 08:40

I've purchased a domain name on 17-Aug-2012 (Order id: 1869580) and I've completed the phone number verification on 18-Aug-2012. The 'Account Summary' page shows the order status as 'Processing'.
Could you please tell me when the order processing will be completed and when I can start using the domain name.

Please note that I've already sent emails to both [email protected] and [email protected] but I haven't received any replies yet.
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1/2/2013 07:24
I placed an order for domain purchasing on 2012/12/30  order id is 2007985. I also provided verification documents but my query is still processing. Kindly let me know how much time it will take?
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1/6/2013 14:45
Our apologies for being away from the forums the last few days.  Looks like your order was completed on the second.  Your original submission was not a photo ID, so the order was held up during the verification process.  Thank you for your cooperation.  You shouldn't be asked to verify again.
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1/6/2013 18:55
I sent in a card image, order ID 2018081. I hope it goes through. :)
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1/10/2013 17:30
Yep, thank you.  :)
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1/14/2013 03:20
How long does it take to get the payment processed for the winning bid?
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1/15/2013 04:58
Update: my CC was charged but the domain info page still shows "2013/01/13      2026837         172.00  172.00  Processing      Credit Card"; "result: Waiting".

How long before I can use the domain?
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1/17/2013 17:48
Auction wins always take 3-4 days to process.  I see the domain has been added now.   :)
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1/17/2013 18:14
Hi, I purchased a domain on 17th January, 2013 03:40 PST using Moneybookers and it is still processing.
Order ID: 2031875
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1/19/2013 05:58
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1/19/2013 12:22

I purchase the domain on 19-January-2013 Order id: 2034209

Status as 'Processing'
Please, tell me how long it will be processed.
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