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Forums -> Payment Issues -> Can i pay using other person's paypal account ?
tech_entrance posted:
Hello, i don't have paypal support in my country and sometimes i need to register a domain while not having credit in my Moneybookers account so what i do is starting a "prepay" request then choose paypal as payment method then get the link of payment and give it to a friend with paypal to fill it for me from his account

Is that ok ? only did it once so far...
ReplyQuote1/7/2007 16:14
teamdynadot posted:
Yes, you can have someone else pay for your order, as long as you have their permission.
ReplyQuote1/8/2007 12:30
Thanks for your reply, yes i must have their permission because the order payment link redirects to paypal where the payee should be logged in to pay

so, Yes I've their permission :)
ReplyQuote1/9/2007 13:48