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j_p_london_gb_14 posted:
Hi, I'd like some guidance with MX records for Zoho please.

I have the following info from Zoho:

Host Name       Address Priority
@     10
@    20
@    50

Do I add this as a Domain record or a Subdomain Record in DNS Settings?

If I do add it as a subdomain do I need to choose forward as the Domain Record in the same way as CNAME settings for domain verification?

Kind regards
ReplyQuote1/11/2019 07:30
It's okay, everything has gone through now.

For anyone else wondering it does need to be added as a Domain Record.

Distance is where you add the Priority information.

Host is where you add the Address information.

You don't need to input Host Name anywhere.

Wait a while, an hour or so, and everything should work.
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