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Forums -> Web Hosting -> Zoho MX Records Configuration
j_p_london_gb_14 posted:
Hi, I'd like some guidance with MX records for Zoho please.

I have the following info from Zoho:

Host Name       Address Priority
@     10
@    20
@    50

Do I add this as a Domain record or a Subdomain Record in DNS Settings?

If I do add it as a subdomain do I need to choose forward as the Domain Record in the same way as CNAME settings for domain verification?

Kind regards
ReplyQuote1/11/2019 07:30
It's okay, everything has gone through now.

For anyone else wondering it does need to be added as a Domain Record.

Distance is where you add the Priority information.

Host is where you add the Address information.

You don't need to input Host Name anywhere.

Wait a while, an hour or so, and everything should work.
ReplyQuote1/11/2019 08:04
So, I have to delete all domains record added before?
ReplyQuote10/17/2021 23:44
Hello, deleting all domain records added before may be necessary if you aren't sure where records are supposed to be, then following our help files and guides to add domain records.

However, for example, you misplaced MX records under Subdomain records, you can simply move them over under Domain records and Save.

If you have any problems in the future, please don't hesitate to contact our live chat support team or our ChatBot to assist you.
ReplyQuote5/24/2022 10:42
teamdynadot posted:
Hello, we apologize for the delay. The @ symbol for the MX Records mean they need to be placed at the root record, which in Dynadot control panel means to be placed under Domain Records. The priority needs to be placed under the Distance field. For future reference, MX records usually clash with CNAME records when put together under Domain Records, this is where you would use Forward instead of CNAME to get around that. Please refer to these two help files:

For quicker response times and live assistance, please do not hesitate to take advantage of our ChatBot and live chat support to assist you.
ReplyQuote5/24/2022 10:20