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s_compton_us posted:
Just today I found out a bug in Website Builder App, and created this topic in order kick-off bug-reporting as it seems no previous discussion is present.

Bug description:
When you edit new Blog  post in Editor, you are provided to enter "Post date" field, whcih is according to context is news date.
And it is possible to enter date in past, which is obvious as you sometime have need to publish news (blogposts) for previous date.
But when publish  this post, WebBuilder App inserts on news date not value from  "Post date" field, but current date/time.

Bug consequences:
Blog functionality couldnot be used for time-sensitive posts.
Just for me - I temporary stop using Blog functionality to publish news, and start to create all posts from basic elements. But of course it is harder, and relevant add-ons (like Tags, Categories)  are not in place. So in long run I'm forced for find out new fast-web building solution to replace Dynadot Website Builder.
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teamdynadot posted:
Hi, I tested some blog posts with some "previous" dates and published them. The dates show as what I set them in the posts. Do you still have issues with the "dates"? If so, would you mind emailing us the details so we could take a further look for you?
ReplyQuote9/3/2017 22:38
s_compton_us posted:
Yes, finally you are right! But there is interesting undocumented behaviour of Website Biulder:  if i simply change date, it is changed correctly; but if i change date and press button 'Publish', i could see that date reset (as it was described at my first post).
ReplyQuote10/29/2017 22:45
teamdynadot posted:
I've been unable to recreate the same error whilst testing the Website Builder, after I click publish the date stays set to the date I chose, with both new posts and old posts that I've updated. Would it be possible for you to email us with further details so we can take a closer look for you?
ReplyQuote10/30/2017 13:20