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m_a_ankara_tr posted:
I use VPS. Webalizer is not paging while displaying stats. So I can not see the other results(I see only one page). Who solves this problem. Me? Dynadot? or How is Uninstall webalizer?. So server be relax a little.
ReplyQuote8/3/2017 23:41
teamdynadot posted:
Our apologies for the late reply, you can uninstall Webalizer by following these steps:

Go to "Server Admin" -> Go to "Module Admin" -> Find "Webalizer Stats" -> Select "Disabled" and deselect all groups -> click on "Save changes".

Hope this helps, you may be able to find more information here Let us know if you need anything else.
ReplyQuote8/25/2017 14:23