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s_saint_paul_us posted:
Are there plans for adding IMAP support for email hosting? According to this page Dynadot does not "currently" support IMAP which makes it sound like it's a planned feature.
ReplyQuote10/30/2018 06:02
teamdynadot posted:

Plans to support IMAP have been in the works for this year. There is no concrete timeframe for that launch, however.
ReplyQuote10/30/2018 10:45

I was wondering if you are any closer to launching IMAP support?
Is it still something you are hoping to support or have plans been dropped?

ReplyQuote12/23/2019 23:20
It's still on our feature list, unfortunately we do not a time frame when it'll be available at this time.
ReplyQuote12/25/2019 01:24