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k_c_chilliwack posted:
Does Dynadot allow .htaccess files?
ReplyQuote10/23/2007 15:06
teamdynadot posted:
Unfortunately, our web hosting plans do not allow .htaccess files at this time.
ReplyQuote10/23/2007 16:44
Thanks for the response.

Is there any way for me to block an ip address from accessing our site that is hosted at Dynadot?
ReplyQuote10/23/2007 17:01
teamdynadot posted:
Sorry, but we do not have a way to block an IP addresses if you are using our web hosting.  Both suggestions are on our feature request list, though.
ReplyQuote10/24/2007 16:36
Hi there.

Just wondering if there is anything being done with the "feature request list" regarding something in this regard to the control panel for users?


ReplyQuote1/28/2008 15:28
teamdynadot posted:
Sorry, we haven't got to the request yet.
ReplyQuote1/31/2008 16:03
Is there any kind of time frame as to when you will?

ReplyQuote1/31/2008 21:32
teamdynadot posted:
Sorry, there is no specific time frame on when these features will be added.
ReplyQuote2/4/2008 15:51
Is this now a feature?
ReplyQuote6/10/2017 08:37
Yikes, sorry we missed your question! We currently offer two hosting plans: Email Hosting and VPS Hosting. The Email Hosting plan does not support .htaccess files, but VPS should support almost anything.
ReplyQuote8/16/2017 16:38