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o_moscow_ru_13 posted:
Hi all! Is it enough to add A-records in DNS table for redirect domain to my gh-pages? Or I need to add CNAME record or something else?
ReplyQuote7/8/2017 03:26
kid posted:
Have you found a way to solve this? For me, by simply adding the two A type IP's doesn't work; neither setting a CNAME to my link. Cheers
ReplyQuote7/23/2017 14:48
p_thane_in_2 posted:
you have to add 3 records for total connection with www

- A record for @ pointing to
- A record for @ pointing to

Next in Subdomain

- CNAME record for www pointing to your

and wait for atleast 3 to 4 hours and maximum 24 hours
ReplyQuote9/23/2017 05:44
id0o0bi posted:
Hi, you just have to add the DNS and it will be all ready
ReplyQuote4/3/2018 19:17