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Flash support?
10/29/2006 04:39
Interested in hosting another site. Do you support falsh buttons?
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10/29/2006 10:30
I am not that familiar with flash. Maybe some of the other Dynadot customers can answer this for sure?

I can tell you that:

If it is just a static file that you upload to a web server, then we support it.

If it requires any server side script to run, then we don't support it.
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10/30/2006 04:04
Is okay now with the flash... have used animated .gif files instead and they seem to work okay. However, I have a problem with the fonts. Before uploading, it looks okay when tested... however, when it is hosted, the required fonts are not present...

How do I rectify this problem???

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10/30/2006 13:06
hi there i like to build flash stuff..

need buttons ? :D
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10/30/2006 16:08
Animated .gif files should be ok since they are static files; they do not need a database or a cgi-bin in order to work.

Flash buttons, however, may require that the web host server have access to the fonts used by the button.  If that font is not installed, it may not show up.
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10/31/2006 05:50
i can implement the fonts into the swf file...
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12/3/2006 18:04
ahaha yah they support flash and stuff, check my site out..  .. hey hey if your bored get me some cool flash buttons or something.
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