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m_p_svetvincenat_hr posted:
I have the DNS with dynadot for a bunch of domains. It looks like they are going to break in 15 days. See and test for

I asked the support via chat, but I think I'm not the only one affected. Actually, it seems that dynadot itself is affected.

So question is: are you going to fix whatever it needs to be fixed or should I take action (which of course I'd prefer not to).

Thanks in advance
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Yeah! I came here with the same question. From what I understand - they should update all the software they have. But the question is - what if they dont =\
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t_939593 posted:
I'm also eager to hear if there is any plan in the works at dynadot.
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teamdynadot posted:
Our team is working on this currently. We should have more information on this issue soon and will update as we can understand the importance of having this information as soon as possible.
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