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New Biz IDN Languages
10/27/2006 16:21
We just added IDN support for BIZ domain names. German is available now, and the rest will be available on Nov 1. However, Dynadot support for all these languages is already done.

DA � Danish
DE � German
IS � Icelandic
NO � Norwegian
ES � Spanish
SV � Swedish
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10/30/2006 16:33
The new BIZ IDN language extensions (DA, IS, NO, ES, SV) are launching November 1st at 8am UTC (12am PST).

We are now accepting pre-orders for the new BIZ IDN language extensions. Just search for the domains you want, and place an order. Our system will automatically try to register your domain at 8am UTC on Nov 1.

We will attempt to register all pre-ordered domains in a round robin loop.

There will probably be competition for the obvious domains, so we cannot guarantee that we will get your domain. If we do not, you will receive a Dynadot account credit. There will be no refunds for pre-ordered domains.

The price for a pre-order is $7.99 per domain.

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on Oct 30, 2006 17:11.]
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10/30/2006 17:14
is it first come first served if both ppl try to reg it at dynadot? (and dynadot gets it)

i am not able to register them on the idn page even selected spanish as the tag for .biz

[This post has been edited by j_greenvale_us on Oct 30, 2006 17:16.]
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10/30/2006 18:30
Same question: how do i do the pre-orders for spanish IDN .biz on Dynadot?
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10/30/2006 18:34
I was able to preorder a .biz by using the bulk feature.
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10/30/2006 18:52
thanks! it works on bulk search ; )
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Posted By jerry
10/30/2006 21:50
Is the 'first pre-ordered' domain the one who has the best shot or is this like a lottery?  

Also, with the round robin, will the first person get the best chance of all domains registered?  Or will you try one each per person to spread the wealth?

Finally, when will we be notified of success or failure and credited (I am not so optimistic)?

[This post has been edited by jerry on Oct 30, 2006 22:10.]
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10/30/2006 23:08
Sorry, there was a bug in the IDN search. You should be able to search BIZ IDN's using the regular IDN search. Bulk search still works too.
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10/30/2006 23:15
Starting a few minutes before Nov 1, 8am UTC, we will start trying to get the domains. We will loop through all the domains in the pre-order list. So it depends on when they activate the language, and where in the loop we are when that happens.

So it will be somewhat random who gets what domain. We can already see in the pre-orders that lots of you are trying to get the same obvious domains. Obviously only one of you can get it. Not to mention some other registrar might get it too. Probably the name grabbing registrars will be slamming the servers.
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10/30/2006 23:33
Account credits for failed registrations should be done about an hour after the launch, possibly sooner.
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Posted By jerry
10/31/2006 15:01
May we all do well in the gold rush!
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