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s_x_toronto_ca posted:
I registered here,and I have another website in google apps.

here is the host record for

@  A record
www  CName record

right now I want to refer the IDN domain to without using forward functionality.

How could I set up the DNS for IDN domain?

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teamdynadot posted:
The only way to forward a domain to another site is to use the Dynadot Forwarding, which just sends a HTTP 301 or 302 redirect to the other site. I don't think it can be done at the DNS level.
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I have the same issue with a IDN in, the issues is that i would like to surfer to get to the special character version of the domain name and not to (casinopå

I am usually using eurodns and have no issues to set this like www.canlı, if you enter this Domain name in Firefox it will stay with the special character and not change to that strange Domain name.
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teamdynadot posted:
The decision on whether the IDN or the puny code will be shown is actually made by the browser, not your Registrar.  The example you gave, for instance, shows as casinopå when opened in FireFox or Safari, but changes to when opened in Chrome.  This is because of the browser's IDN policy:

In the past, IE had offered a plug-in to do this translation, but today most browsers will do it automatically.
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