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Forums -> IDNs -> Hi! Somebody have a news about cyrillic .com (.ком)?
a_b_helsinki_fi_1 posted:
A year has almost gone.
ReplyQuote11/6/2016 01:47
teamdynadot posted:
Unfortunately, we currently do not support .ком and do not have an estimated time until we will. However, when we do support it, all our clients will be notified via our monthly newsletter.
ReplyQuote8/25/2017 09:57
Verisign has completely dropped the ball on IDN TLD launches. Due to the "Chinese firewall" between Registrants and Registries, we can only ask Registrars, and they're probably too busy auctioning off expired domains to be bothered finding out what's REALLY going on.
ReplyQuote8/27/2017 23:13
Thanks for your feedbacks. We will forward your message to the registry and our team. When there is any update, we will notify our customers via emali.
ReplyQuote9/3/2017 20:47