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domain-push posted:
Only affects IDNs

Auction lists look like this to UTF-8 encoded notepad or excel 2007

ستائر.net,$11.99,10/3/12 10:00 AM
гостиницыпетербурга.net,$11.99,10/3/12 10:21 AM
新智.com,$11.99,10/3/12 11:06 AM
万全.com,$11.99,10/3/12 11:06 AM
casinofranç,$11.99,10/3/12 11:12 AM
宠物犬.com,$11.99,10/3/12 11:22 AM
糖业.com,$11.99,10/3/12 11:33 AM
家族史.com,$11.99,10/3/12 11:37 AM
扭.com,$11.99,10/3/12 11:40 AM
billige-flü,$25.99,10/3/12 11:41 AM

Domains in my account downloaded to Excel 2007

套装.net  08/02/2013
결혼식.net        09/02/2013
시티.com    09/02/2013
아동.net    09/02/2013
코트.net     09/02/2013
摩托.net      09/02/2013
照明.net      09/02/2013
红.net    19/02/2013

Can you guys fix this please. It's always been like this.


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domain-push posted:
Any ideas guys?
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teamdynadot posted:
Yes, we'll work on that.  Thank you.
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teamdynadot posted:
This issue may now be resolved.  Please let us know if you still see the error.
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domain-push posted:

It works better than it did.
It will open correctly in notepad but if I try to open it in excel (2007) it still displays incorrectly.
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m_b posted:
How do u download the list?
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m_b posted:
this is how my own list looks like

Ôªø„Éê„ɺ„ÉÅ„É£„É´.com   10/24/12
–∫–∞–ø–∏—Ç–∞–ª–∏–∑–º.com    10/25/12
–¥—ñ—Ç—è.com        10/26/12
–±—É—Ä—Å–∞.com  10/27/12
e„Éê„É≥„ÇØ.com     10/29/12
‡∏≠‡∏≤‡∏´‡∏≤‡∏£‡∏Ň∏≤‡∏£‡∏Ň∏¥‡∏ô.com        11/5/12
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teamdynadot posted:
Thanks guys.  We'll keep working on it.
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