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j_w_blaine_us posted:
I just noticed today that TXT records with the value 'JackAScript.Org' were set the DNS records for a few of our domains.
We did not set these records, and I've removed. Dynadot staff - do you have any idea what caused this? Are your systems being hacked?
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jaguar posted:
This has happened to us too. No IP addresses other than ours show up in our account's recent logins (dating back to 5/16).

What is going on?
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n_k posted:
Are these domains parked or are you using any DNS services? The default settings may have been changed .
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jaguar posted:
Using DNS service. Domains that were not using Dynadot DNS were unaffected.
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Seeing the same thing.  Why do I have unauthorized TXT records?

Also experiencing intermittent DNS outages and errors from different parts of the US.

DynaDot came highly recommended and we like the service, but what is going on here?
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I've got the same issue. Just noticed them.
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teamdynadot posted:
Sorry about this guys.  This was a database copy error on our part.  The TXT records are harmless and should be deleted.  We do apologize for the trouble.
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l_h_delta_ca posted:
One of our domains also had this set..  it would have been nice to have had a notification about the incident.  
I'm sure a database query could have been created to identify users with that TXT record set.
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teamdynadot posted:
At this time we are asking anyone who sees one of these harmless, but unnecessary, records to delete them manually.  We apologize again for the error.
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