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d_a_derby_gb posted:
ns1 and ns2 are not responding to lookups.
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I've no email (mx) third day now. I think this company is based somewhere in the garage with one operating cowboy not even replaying to tickets.
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I just got off with support: Sorry we are having DNS issues, engineering is working on it but no ETA!!
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l_h_delta_ca posted:
I wasn't able to get a firm time from the Chat support as to when the name servers would be back up.
Like you mentioned, both and name servers were not responding.

I've since changed two of my domain's name servers from Dynadot's custom DNS settings to instead point to a different name server instead.
First write down i.e. copy/paste any settings if you use their custom DNS Settings so that you have them - a screenshot also helps although may cutoff important info. Highlighting all in each field then copy/pasting seems the safest - ensure you write down the correct type of record (A record, CNAME, TXT etc).

Then re-setup on a different name server hosting provider and re-enter all your settings.
Then point your domain's name servers over to the new name servers.

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nymbler replied l_h_delta_ca :
Need to do the same ASAP. Who did you use?
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bixfrankonis posted:
oh ffs this is sort of unconscionable
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Same problems here. Email has been down all day.
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