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dalriada posted:
I cannot login to dynadot cpanel from my account page.

I am also having mailbox access failures across multiple domains.

I am very concerned - I can't get access to my cpanel account to verify my domains are active or get access to my emails.

There are also no announcements telling me that there are any problems with dynadots network or servers.

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e_merida_us posted:
I have the same problem. I have 4 Days without loggin on my Cpanel Account :'(
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yeah same, but only 1 day and im on the Durian server
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teamdynadot posted:

Our Apple server went down in the night.  Sites were up but cPanel was not.  We repaired the server first thing this morning.  We do apologize for the trouble.
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teamdynadot posted:

You may have an IP block.  Please email us your IP address so we can have a look.
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dalriada posted:
I must admit I am not filled with confidence that it takes my Host until the next morning to know that clients have access problems.

What contingency arrangements do you have in place?

Does your server not send an SMS message advising the on duty server support admin that there is a problem and someone has to fix it?

I was about to scale up my deployment of domains to dynadot and my confidence in the reliability and responsiveness of your support has taken a major knock.

Guys although you have apologised that doesn't explain why no one was on duty until normal business hours?

Are you saying that Dynadot only has 12 hour a day support and that for 12 hours every day we are on our own?
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teamdynadot posted:
We are able to offer support between the hours of 9am and 6pm Pacific Time.  We hope to be able to increase this in the future.
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I've got the same problem, no access to cpanel e no access to my domain... Thanks for helping.
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Same problem here. My server is nectarine and have no cPanel, email and my web site is off.
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teamdynadot posted:
If you find yourself unable to access both your domains and your cPanel account, there may well be a block on your IP address.  Please contact us with your  IP address so we can help.  If you do not know this address, please visit the site below:
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new to this...what's going on? Can't get to cpanel, rejected password reset code sent to me by email- now eveyrthing's down. My iOS app is down!! Please help dynadot staff - in trouble here.
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