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m_t_zagreb_hr posted:
cant access my site or cpanel
ReplyQuote11/20/2013 02:49
dalriada posted:
Agreed - email accounts down again - I have sent the following email to support.

I cannot get logged into my Cpanel account again.

What is going on with Dynadot and the apple server, the email accounts are not working again and I cannot logon through the capanel account to check the domains.

This is not good enough, the service at Dynadot is getting worse, these failures are becoming the norm.

I cannot transfer any more business to your hosting as it is not reliable enough for even light hosting.

I require a response and am very interested in how long it will be before you tell me what is going wrong at your end, as seems to be the norm I seem to be notifying you that your equipment isn't working, perhaps you need to get some people employed to reset the servers at night.

I await your response.

What is going on at Dynadot at the moment - I don't think that they have any support staff on at night.
ReplyQuote11/20/2013 02:58
dalriada posted:
Email users are notifying me that the mail accounts stopped sending @ 20:00hrs yesterday (that's 7 hrs ago) and no response or reset???
ReplyQuote11/20/2013 03:03
dalriada posted:
All Domains and websites are also down - how long are we going to have to wait?

Until 9am in the morning when someone at Dynadot gets into work?
ReplyQuote11/20/2013 03:14
dalriada posted:
Still no response :(
ReplyQuote11/20/2013 05:37
fixed after 10 hours downtime. impressive

Recovery Alert

Your Web Site is no longer on error

URL: http:
Time: Wed Nov 20 09:23:07 EST 2013
Total Time on Error: 9 hours, 55 minutes, 8 seconds
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teamdynadot posted:
Our sincere apologies for this.  This host machine suffered a power issue, which we do not expect to recur.  The subsequent file system check took longer than expected due to the size of the server.  We are now happy to report that all drive issues have been resolved and the host node is successfully back online.
ReplyQuote11/20/2013 16:24
and again 6 hours down time

Recovery Alert

Your Web Site is no longer on error

Time: Thu Nov 28 16:20:47 EST 2013
Total Time on Error: 5 hours, 50 minutes, 19 seconds
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teamdynadot posted:
Our apologies.  Our Web Host was trying to take advantage of the holiday to do some maintenance on the server to fix some issues.
ReplyQuote12/1/2013 15:40
Bummer to hear that this is becoming the norm for other people, too.  Been with Dynadot for a few years now, service and support was always top notch, until a few months ago when our site was down over, and over, and over again....
ReplyQuote12/2/2013 11:24
teamdynadot posted:
We realize that managing shared hosting servers without 24/7 support available does not allow us to provide the level of support we feel our customers deserve.  We are planning on moving away from shared hosting and towards VPS in the coming year.  It should work out better for everyone.
ReplyQuote12/3/2013 12:23