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is it possible to have somebody else access my account (authorised) without being able to see everyt
3/28/2014 09:15
Hi !!
I have a general question - is it possible to have somebody else access my account (authorised) without being able to see everything?
I have two domains that my business partner would like to access, and I would like him to be able to do so, but without having access to two other domains......
Is there some sort of partitioning I could do so he could log in and out (etc.) for two of the domains, but not be able to log in for the other two. Not really a big deal, but I have absolutely all my personal emails going through one of the two domains I'd like to keep private.

Maybe I'm asking the wrong question & there's a very simple solution!!

Thanks in advance to whoever reads & can answer my enquiry :OD.
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4/24/2014 09:16
No, unfortunately, there's only one login for each Dynadot account. If you sign in (or you business partner signs in), all your information will be listed. Can your business partner manage the domains in his/her own account if you push them?
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4/28/2014 17:47
Don't make the mistake of letting the first and last name be anybody else's but your own! Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting a short term employee setup the account but because his first and last name is on it (even though every transaction was made using my personal or business credit card) there's nothing you can do.

Dynadot will basically tell you you're SOL even though the address, credit card, phone number, email, and EVERYTHING else on the account is related to your company.

Ugh, i've been dealing with this for over a year now and they still wont help me to restore full access to our account
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Posted By cupful
8/5/2014 04:03
thanks for the information.
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