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domain mapping
3/31/2014 11:28
hi there, I've been unsuccessfully trying to link my domain to squarespace account. Squarespace customer support gave me this feed back : I am looking at your account and see that there are some definite things that are hindering your domain from processing successfully.One of those is possibly your name servers through Dynadot. I also see that your domain is also affiliated with GoDaddy. Both of these will need to be addressed prior pointing to Squarespace. I recommend contacting Dynadot customer service and reviewing your account and the ability for you to map your domain. They will let you know what steps to take next, whether input different information or address your domain affiliation with Go Daddy. And i would like to know what i can do to solve those issues.. thank you!
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3/31/2014 15:04
Which domain are you updating?  Did you follow the instructions below?

How can I point my domain to Squarespace?

To point your domain to Squarespace, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Dynadot account.
  2. Select "My Domains" from the left-side menu bar and click "Manage Domains" in the drop-down.
  3. Check the box next to your domain name(s) and click on the "Action" button.
  4. Choose "DNS Settings" from the "Action" list.
  5. On the DNS Settings page, select the "Dynadot DNS" setting from the top drop-down menu.
  6. You will need to create two CNAME records. Scroll down to the "Subdomain Records (optional)" section and select "CNAME" from the drop-down menu. Enter your unique Squarespace code (the unique code that appears directly below the Host column in your Squarespace account) in the 'Subdomain' field. In the 'IP Address or Target Host' field, enter
  7. Remain in the "Subdomain Records (optional)" section and enter "www" as the next subdomain. Select "CNAME" from the drop-down and then enter in the "IP Address or Target Host" box. Do not enter your actual domain name.
  8. Next, you will enter the "A" records. Scroll up to the "Domain Record (optional)" section and select "A" as your record type. Enter in the "IP Address or Target Host" box.
  9. Repeat this for the other three Squarespace IP addresses -,, and
  10. Click on the "Save Settings" button to save your changes.

Your settings should look similar to what is shown below:

Note: Values marked as * in the picture are examples only. Please replace it with information from your host.
From Help Section: Account & Domain Management > Domain Settings > How can I point my domain to Squaresp...
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3/31/2014 16:15
that was extremely not useful as this I've seen and have already done... The problem  is possibly about my name servers through Dynadot. I my domain is also affiliated with GoDaddy. Both of these will need to be addressed prior pointing to Squarespace. HOW can i change that is the question..
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3/31/2014 16:17
After following those instructions it says on my squarespace account that domain is not resolving properly.
the domain name is
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3/31/2014 16:32
Your account doesn't have, but you may have just mistyped the domain.  Not sure what GoDaddy has to do with your domain name either...

If the help file is incorrect, what settings does Squarespace want you to use?
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