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Will Dynadot be adding any of these new gTLDs to their list shortly?
3/31/2013 20:18
My understanding is ICANN is going through a milestone step in their gTLD of which they want to release.

My question is, will Dynadot be looking forward to having any of them available here?

Here is a link I found in yahoo-search.
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8/20/2013 11:40
Hi all!

To wit, check this out [] - if you are not familiar with Rick Schwartz, well, he's rude and crude and is worth listening to anyways (imo).

The conclusion they reached over there is in the link: .web is the favorite, followed generally by geo-domains.

Personally, I think .web is just a 2.0 of .net (people actually used to say 'net' instead of 'web' right?!)

To me, the promise is in geo-domains. Thats where its at. I've read alot about this, and it makes sense to me that people draw identity from the places they live and play in, and find great utility in such identities.

What do you think? Whats the #1 most promising/exciting of the bunch? Which do you think will workout in the long run? (
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8/20/2013 17:01
That is a good idea, thank you.  I'll run this by the team and see what we can put together.  Thank you.
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9/18/2013 05:54
r_k_m_ljubljana_si says: I guess Dynadot will not concentrate on the hundreds of new TLDs and please dont expect any good will come served with hand reg. fee. Only few names of this big collections will make a profit, the otehrones will simply die. The  .com will win at the end. Its easier to remember. The new TLDs are for a small domainers who want to get rich fast, but they will lose a lot of money on that. The big ones, will go for premium names on pre release auctions.

The TLD will become relevant to search, the TLD will fade away. The logic of it being easiest to remember is not on the minds at ICANN or Google. If Google can monetize "it" then the "it" will likely happen. The "it" in this case is search. If I am looking for a website that involves cameras, then my search will involve the .camera TLD. Just imagine a file full of thousands of records. You need to be able to locate a record in the most efficient way. Do you have 3 file folders .com, .net and .org? No you need many file folders to hold all the different type of records. If Google does not do this then they will be replaced by a more efficient search methods.
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10/6/2013 20:33
For me, I operate my own websites.  I do not buy domain names for investment of the domain name.

I value giving the surfer a choice of website styles, by choosing a different gTLD. such as .com and .mobi as I currently do.

The idea is to keep everyone happy, with there being a style of my website to suit everyone.

Certainly device specific gTLDs would be very popular such as .web and .webs

I also hope to start up a transport company, so for that having gTLDs such as .today where people can see what is happening today, and only what is happening today.  Then there is .green, .orange .red and so on, I can give colors to different lines of my business.

There are a number of different ways in which I as a business can benefit from the new list of gTLDs and I aim to be there and benefit from them as best I can.

Is there any update on what gTLDs Dynadot may be getting any time soon?
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10/6/2013 21:00
some useful ones now include,

.tickets  .site  .wiki   .food
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10/11/2013 07:54
Thanks for your feedback.  We'll be sure to forward your suggestion over to the team. :)
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11/30/2013 15:10
Any update for December 2013?

Is Dynadot likely to get any during 2014?
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12/1/2013 15:06
We may.  We're going to hold out for a bit.  We'll be sure to post here when we have some news.
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12/22/2013 16:37
Got the following in my email.

Somewhere has launched the following,'

.bike: $29/yr   .estate: $29/yr .guru: $29/yr
.holdings: $79/yr       .singles: $29/yr        .ventures: $69/yr
.camera: $29/yr .clothing: $29/yr       .gallery: $29/yr
.equipment: $29/yr      .graphics: $29/yr       .lighting: $19/yr
.photography: $14/yr    .plumbing: $29/yr      

Ok Dynadot, I like staying with you, mostly because I like having all of my domains at the one location.

I hope this gets you more into the mood of including these and other new gTLDs.
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12/23/2013 08:48
Thanks, and we love to have you as our customer.  We appreciate the support!
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