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Will Dynadot be adding any of these new gTLDs to their list shortly?
3/31/2013 20:18
My understanding is ICANN is going through a milestone step in their gTLD of which they want to release.

My question is, will Dynadot be looking forward to having any of them available here?

Here is a link I found in yahoo-search.
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4/2/2013 16:09
Yes, there will be a lot of new TLDs in the near future.  We may be adding some of these, but not right away.  Right now, we're focusing on adding support for a broader number of existing  ccTLDs.   If anyone has any suggestions on which of the new TLDs they'd like added, however, please post them here.  :)
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4/5/2013 16:13
.au  Australia would be handy.

In particular
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5/18/2013 03:40
.ca would be nice :)
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5/28/2013 15:45
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7/7/2013 17:47
Ok, many of the new gTLDs are being, I forget the word, but they are being released sort of.

When is Dynadot going to start registrations of these latest additions?

By my list, already released should be,

.city   .wedding  .buy   .play   .party   .food   .menu   .green    .dog    .energy   .career   .lifestyle

In this month of July, this list of very interesting gTLDs should be happening

.online  .help  .site  .email  .wiki  .singles   .talk  .home  .poker

Looks like there shall be around 20 to 25 released each week.  The above list are just those I find interesting for those two months.
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7/10/2013 05:03
I guess Dynadot will not concentrate on the hundreds of new TLDs and please dont expect any good will come served with hand reg. fee. Only few names of this big collections will make a profit, the otehrones will simply die. The  .com will win at the end. Its easier to remember. The new TLDs are for a small domainers who want to get rich fast, but they will lose a lot of money on that. The big ones, will go for premium names on pre release auctions.
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7/10/2013 11:57
I personally like a lot of the new TLDs.  I think they would make for great personal sites.  Most in the industry do not believe they will make good investments, but I suppose we will have to wait and see.  I think their appeal may lie more with bloggers and those not necessarily looking to sell the names.  If we get enough interest, maybe we can convince the powers that be to let us try out on or two of these new extensions.  I'm voting for .green.
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7/10/2013 11:57
To r_k_m_ljubljana_si:

We are working on .CA and have been for a while now.  We're getting closer.
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7/10/2013 11:58
To r_k_m_ljubljana_si:

We are working on .CA and have been for a while now.  We're getting closer.
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7/11/2013 16:36
We need a study to be conducted with Dynadot customers.

Select which ones of these new gTLDs would you be interested in buying.

I am not into domain investment so much myself, rather I seek the domain names for my own websites.  I like most of all, to have different gTLDs to be used for different styles of websites. Especially different device types.

For that reason,  .web, .website and .webs would all be of some interest where I can have mydomain.web be done in one style, in another style.  The data would otherwise be the same, and access to the same SQL database too, just different style of website to suit different customers.

Perhaps, Dynadot could set up a webhosting special.  Same domain, with different gTLDs to the same webhosting or something like that.
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