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j_h_chino_hills_us posted:
So there is a premium domain name I wanted but noticed it was for sale on a common site for $4,488.00 and on other domain sites around $700-$900. I also noticed that by gong to the URL of the domain name there was another domain company who is using a broker for the "owner". So instead of inquiring from the broker I bought the name from Dynadot for $700. Dybadot took my money immediately but without further information. What happens now? Is this legit? and will the owner actually release and transfer the name to Dynadot? Just because I purchased the name at a much lower price from another company other than the broker does that mean things will go off without a hitch and I get the domain name?
ReplyQuote11/7/2019 13:30
teamdynadot posted:
Apologies for the delay. The registrant does have the ability to set their domain to different prices in each marketplace(s). I see that your order is in the complete status.
ReplyQuote2/7/2020 07:19