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timmi posted:
I just wanted to share my opinion, of your techniques to get DNs into your marketplace, for your profit, at the DN's owner's expense.
I was late renewing my DN, and for some reason, your system would not allow me to renew it.
There was this menu item, that said it would reserve it for me, just as soon as a certain waiting period was over. So of course I clicked on that.
Nowhere did it warn, that you would buy the DN for yourselves instead(!!! and try to sell my DN back to be for thousands of dollars, for a .com
That is quite an underhanded SCAM you've got going there.  And I use the word scam, because you did not provide proper explanation of exactly what you intended to do!
Very disappointed in your company!
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teamdynadot posted:
I just checked your account and was not able to find any late renewal problem. Were you referring to It looks like we received your backorder request and was able to catch the domain for you. The order was then cancelled because no payment was received in time as agreed, therefore we had to release the domain. Looks like it was registered by someone else with another registrar and now listed for sale at Afternic.
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