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6/30/2010 22:31
Just trying to get an accurate appraisal. I know .name domain aren't that good. But getting a 3 letter domain isn't the easiest task.
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7/1/2010 00:49
This domain name has a meaning?
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11/20/2010 22:09
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Posted By kate
12/25/2010 13:15
Check out dnsaleprice

Just a few reported sales for domains.
IMO selling ANY .name is tough game.
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6/15/2011 08:16
I understand you're just trying to be helpful. And I'm clambering up on my soap-box in the same spirit.<g>

There's a big difference between asking price and the final price paid.

In the US at least it gets tricky when the URL name is arguably a trademark.  One can have common law rights to a trade name in a particular region even if it was never registered.  "Joe's Barbershop" in Smallville is effectively protected from someone using the same name in Smallville because it would clearly cause confusion in the marketplace.

If you own a URL that corresponds to a trade name -- like "" -- you could be called into court to explain why your rights to the name, clearly accessible in Smallville, are equal to or superior to the local business'.

Even if the plaintiff's case is weak it costs money to litigate -- for you and for your opposition.  So here's the question:  Is your price for the URL less than the litigation cost and how much are you willing to pay to defend your right to sell the URL?

The company I'm with had to wrestle a few common law trade names away from enterprising (and horridly unrealistic) URL realtors.  In no case did it take the salaried corporation council more than a few hours and about $200 in filing fees.  In no case did the realtor get more than US$1.

My un-scientific sense of it is that .com URLs under 10 characters are rarely worth over $200.  Similar URLs that aren't '.com' are really not worth much over $50., and DynaDot, seem to be posting asking prices, not documented sales (how on earth could they unless they were a middleman in the transaction and actually took possession of the payment at one point or another?).  By referencing offered prices, like posts, one person's fantasy ends up validating another person's dream -- a fool's mission if I ever saw one.

Just a thought...

Pat Ampulla
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Posted By jok3r
8/25/2011 18:53
.name are simply junk. before some years i had some 3 letter .name
I let them drop. They don;t even worth renewing... don't be fooled by all these "new" extensions. the real business want real names... .com , .net , .org & country codes anything else than that.. in my opinion is just to register for your personal interest, nothing more.

A domain can have value because it is wanted by hundreds of business for a reason.   Creation Date: 13-mar-1995 that has value... ;-)
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