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rockefeller posted:
No email or nothing?
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Yeah, seriously. What the hell, Dynadot? I'm this close to transferring my domains elsewhere. Downtime is acceptable, but a complete lack of communication is unacceptable.
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rossh posted:
All I want from dynadot is to be able to unlock all of my recently transferred in domains so I can transfer them out.
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rockefeller posted:
I think that will happen a lot over the next few months. It's a shame, Dynadot was great and I have used them for 4 years..having 3 days of down time with no email or statement..what can you expect?
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rossh posted:
I like you can live with downtime just fine. I have totally realistic expectations and understand things just break. What I refuse to live with is a company that doesn't communicate and leaves their customers in the dark. It is entirely unacceptable to me.

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teamdynadot posted:
Sorry we didn't send out am email. Our main server was down, which is also where all the email addresses are located.

We will send out an email later today, now that our system is back.

Dynadot Staff
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rossh posted:
And you couldn't post this....give status updates on your little notice page? What a crap excuse....You guys failed many of your customers here not because of the downtime but because how you failed to communicate.
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How about you could have said that on the dynadot homepage, rather than just "technical difficulties... we will be back in an immeasurable amount of time". All it would have taken is one look at a forum like to see how many people are pissed off about this.
ReplyQuote3/3/2009 08:24
magik posted:
Ok, we can understand you not being able to send out emails but why such a lame message on the home page?

Why not a couple of lines reassuring your customers?

Are you aware that on at least one domain-name related message board there was a discussion titled, "Dynadot, the next RegisterFly?"

A few words of explanation would have avoided all the speculation and doubt.

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i posted:
Email now received. Thank you.

I'm still waiting though for a reply to the message that I sent you concerning inconsistences in my account and grace delete requests. Two domains were restored to my account and I was able to successfully delete them. However, another domain is showing an incorrect create date and therefore cannot be deleted, even though it is still within the grace period. The grace period on another name that I wished to delete expired before I was able to access my account.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved very soon.

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getdomains posted:
Shame Dynadot Shame , Shame Shame

You was in a position to communicate via front page but you did not.

RegisterFly :-)
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