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domain_3g posted:
Dear Dynadot Staff,

I am happy to see you back, but we all users here are still looking for the reason why you were down? and while you were down why were you people not taking the phone calls and no email replies, also you people didn't give any official statement to keep cool your customers.

well, as far as i think your many users might have decided to have an alternate registrar,

about me i am still satisfied with you but please explain the reason and also assure that this will not happen again.

Thanks and Regards,

Looking forward
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teamdynadot posted:
Sorry about the downtime. The file system on our main server was corrupted, probably due to a hardware failure. It took us this entire time to rebuild our servers from the backups.

Dynadot Staff
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Why, why, why didn't you tell us that, Dynadot?
How many minutes would it have taken to put that up in place of the message you left for nearly three days?
You have loyal customers who would have forgiven you the downtime but won't forgive you the failure to inform them of why and what you were doing about it.

And you will now pay the price.

I won't be leaving yet - but will expect a reply sometime to my email to you ( and will judge from that response. I won't expect the reply for a while.


Peter Murray
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Im happy to see you are back up and running as well but I have one ?, why didnt you visit a few major forums like which you even mention on your site and let us know what was up... by not doing this I am afraid many clients are ready to walk away from your service due to lack of support.

You are being compared to RegFly and thats not a good company to be in the same boat with.

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russell posted:
Dynadot should get a Twitter account and notify whenever there's a problem like this.

Anyway I'm really glad that the site is up again.
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xperti posted:
I hope this failure was a lessons learned type and surely unnecessary to happen again.

I believe your explanation has another side of which you are not telling and it is very hard for me to buy the main server corruption file system excuse (maybe I have high expectations from dynadot). Don't tell me you have designed your network in this way so if some hardware fails you have to rebuild servers from backups(backups should be in cases of God forbid your facility gets on fire or something). Have your system upgraded to a cloud computing and storage so the failures become not so transparent as they did this time.

I am not switching yet, mainly because of good prices and good service so far, so you get a free pass from me this time.

regards and keep up the good work
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domain_3g posted:
Yes, the anger of the users is Right... and dynadot must accept that they didn't do good about not informing, it only takes 5 mins. to put a brief message on splash page.

Dear Dynadot, do you know your customers including me were thinking that it's might be a case like regfly and dynadot might never come up.

so, please assure us that this will never happen again...

i know that failures are the part of the technology but you should inform us as you know domains business is very important for every one ...

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sgrayme posted:
What concerns me most about this isn't so much a random case of something gone bad, but I'd like to know that I'm not going to try to access Dynadot in a month and hit another case of "technical difficulties". One or two days of not accessing my domain records after several months of good access is dealable. Having Dynadot no longer able to go a few months without days/weeks of downtime is a problem. When Dynadot goes down, all the domains managed through Dynadot are held hostage. Not that I really should have to state that point.

Even light buyers like myself need to know that we can count on our registrars to be around. Frankly, while I do understand at least (hopefully) prioritizing getting Dynadot back is for our benefit, I agree it wouldn't have hurt to assign one or two people to using available channels to spread the word about what was happening. Otherwise it should be no surprise when people prepare for the worst. That any opening may be their only chance to protect their investments.
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A hardware failure is no excuse for this kind of outage.  A professional organization should have fault tolerant hardware with appropriate redundancy in place to ensure outages like this do not occur as a result of a simple hardware failure.  You lost several domains I registered over the weekend which means you had to rely on days-old backups.  That tells me that your infrastructure solutions do not reflect standard industry approaches that prevent such data loss and extended downtime.  If you cannot ensure the continuity of your business operations it makes me wonder what other areas of your technology are poorly designed.  In particular, I'm very regretful now that I trusted Dynadot with as much personally identifiable information as I have up to this point.  

Frankly, I am very disappointed with this company right now.  I'm unhappy with the reason for the outage, I'm unhappy with the way it was handled, and to be honest, I am seriously re-evaluating my choice of registrar.
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tomy_sdf posted:
thakns all

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At this point, I think minimum damage recovery should include:

1. An explanation describing why the downtime occurred.

2. A list of steps taken to ensure the same thing never happens again.

3. A service credit issued to all affected customers, which, unfortunately, appears to be everyone at this point.

There are many customers who will be jumping ship regardless of what happens. There are some you might be able to salvage by taking the actions I outlined above.

Just my $0.02 from a software engineer who happens to work at an ISP.

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