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maximus_tinnitus posted:
Just got this: "This email is to inform you that we have made updates to our Terms of Use, Service Agreement, and Privacy Policy" with a link to the new Terms of Use (Version date:  2021-04-06) running to about 17,000 words.
Anyone know where I can find the previous Terms of Use for comparison?
Would like to know exactly what has changed and if it means I should consider taking my business elsewhere.
ReplyQuote4/8/2021 00:58
I would like this too. It's just such poor practice for a company to send out an email like this without offering a summary of what has changed and why. Just getting a message like this to say the T&Cs have changed is absolutely useless to us customers. Please, DynaDot, provide us with a summary of changes and the reasons for them, for this change and for all future changes to the T&Cs! Most reputable companies do this routinely.
ReplyQuote4/8/2021 06:22