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shubham posted:
Wow, just wow.
I read this is other members' posts, but I thought this can happen to very few.
I bid an amount on a domain, I won, I paid it
Now 2 days later I get the email saying domain was transferred away.

I see the scam now, get people to register (they need to spend at least $5 to get in the auction). They spend the $5, also spend the bidding money, then the domain anyways gets transferred or renewed by owner and you waste the money you spent.

I don't need your store credit, I need the money back to my card.

A stupid policy to allow domain owner to renew or transfer the domain after you hold an auction. Domain owner can just sit and watch his domain get appraised and then transfer it or renew it in last 2 days after auction.

These auctions should not be called expired domain auctions, because they are not expired at all.
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I have a feeling I'm about to run into the exact same scenario.  I bid/won on a domain last week on Thursday.  The domain still isn't in my account, yet it still shows available/renewal when you search for it.  What a crock of a scam Dynadot.  

Shubham, I'd recommend disputing the transaction with your CC company.  If I don't receive the domain by the end of today, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Good luck.
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