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j_d_pace_us_1 posted:
I was involved in a "private auction" here on a backordered domain. I was not at my computer when the auction ended, I did not win the auction which is not the problem.  The problem came when I asked how many participates were in the auction and what the winning bid was.  I did NOT ask for the names of the bidders, just how many were involved. I was basically told it was none of my business.  I feel that if you are a participant in an auction, you should have a right to know how many others were in the auction and what the winning bid was.  Otherwise it looks as though you, meaning Dynadot, might have something to hide.  Where is the harm in knowing how many and the finally bid to those who were actually in the auction?
ReplyQuote10/30/2017 11:07
teamdynadot posted:
Thank you for your feedback. You're right, there's no harm in providing how many bidders participated in the private auction - that number was 2. The cost, however, we feel is private for the winner and that's why we don't provide that information to the public.
ReplyQuote11/3/2017 11:42