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t_khulna_bd_2 posted:
My order still ' processing' since it requires phone verification. At first I didn't got the SMS and proceeded to phone verification. I got call which rang only for 1 sec and I couldn't able to receive  the call both time.Later I got the code via SMS. Now I dont have a place to put that code which I got via SMS.
I've found a similar post related to my issue here and happy to hear that u can manually verify.

I will be available from GMT 0200 hour to 0500 hour. Please clear my issue as soon as possible. I need it urgently .
ReplyQuote9/12/2017 23:30
teamdynadot posted:
Our apologies for the error with the phone verification, it looks like our Live Chat team were able to resolve the problem this morning. Please feel free to get back in touch if you ever need anything else.
ReplyQuote9/13/2017 13:31
Ya.Your support team is great.My problem has solved. You can close the post.
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