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dnebook posted:
Howdy, I have just reached out to you on Facebook regarding retrieving my account number, it worries me that if my phone fails (two factor) that I cannot access my account. I have previously enquired on how to change my secret question answer as the way I remember it is apparently incorrect? This is being done as an extra layer of protection for me. At this point I cannot help but to think it will be a nightmare trying to reactivate my account if I run into trouble. So please tell me how I can avoid a major headache as I have just mentioned, Okay thanks! Please do let me know, regards!
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dnebook posted:
Hello, I did reach out to you on Facebook yesterday and have also just sent you an email ..... five minutes ago on this matter. I really do need some form of reply please.
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dnebook replied dnebook :
I just read your email reply to my question on this matter and I have to say this is the worst customer service I have ever received, you have just palmed my concerns off as nothing important ......after I have been with you for over decade, quite disgusting service and attitude to your loyal customers
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