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p_m_half_moon_bay_us posted:
I cannot access my account or unlock it. I have sent my ID. I try to chat and the chat doesn't work because your staff will not chat and terminates the chat. This is fraud and I am inclined to file charges with the local San Mateo County district attorney and state of California Attorney General unless you unlock the account. You have my ID. I have a sign Heidi as the administrator at GoDaddy to complete the transfer. You have my email. You have my phone. Why is the account still locked?
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teamdynadot posted:
Hello, it looks like your chats were closed due to abusive messages, our live chat team will not tolerate this.  We take account security very seriously and our management team do need to verify your identity as the account holder before they can proceed. Using invalid/incomplete account information would make it harder for them to verify. Please continue working with them.
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