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florin posted:

Can we request to have IPv6 nameservers registered ?

For example to have pointing to an IPv6 address.

Thank you.
ReplyQuote2/26/2007 10:30
teamdynadot posted:
We currently do not support IPv6 at this time, so we are unable to register name servers that use IPv6.

We will add your suggestion to our feature request list for future consideration.
ReplyQuote2/26/2007 15:32
florin posted:
It is not necessarily to have IPv6 support. It is enough to be able to send the AAAA records to the registries. When this option will be available somehow, I will start to transfer all my domains to Dynadot and I will get a Bulk credit. Thanks.
ReplyQuote2/27/2007 12:27
florin posted:
Any news about this ?
ReplyQuote3/26/2007 14:49
teamdynadot posted:
Your request is still in our feature request database.

Do you want it for COM/NET domains only? I am not sure how many of the central registries support IPv6 for name servers at this time.
ReplyQuote3/27/2007 11:19
Any news about this? I decided to register my domains with dynadot instead of (which has IPv6 support), and currently I need AAAA entries :/

(It would be fine for com/net/org domains only probably)

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ReplyQuote3/15/2009 11:44
Faster please?
ReplyQuote8/4/2009 02:43
teamdynadot posted:
Besides those that have already replied to this topic, how many of you need to be able to register name servers using IPv6?
ReplyQuote8/4/2009 15:11
I really would like IPv6 nameserver glue for my .com domains too. currently still lists Dynadot as a registrar unable to provide IPv6 glue for domains.

For this to be properly enabled, Register a domain name server should take both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address for a single nameserver entry (e.g., for the domains that you can provide IPv6 glue for. (e.g. .com, .net, .org)
ReplyQuote11/24/2009 22:32
teamdynadot posted:
We recently added support for registering name servers with IPv6 IP addresses.
ReplyQuote11/25/2009 16:29
Dear dynadot_staff,

This appears to be correct, but is however still lacking in functionality, because I can not register BOTH an IPv4 *and* an IPv6 address to one nameserver with the registry.

As far as I know, this should be possible. Could you look into this?
ReplyQuote12/2/2009 06:04