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k_l_sooke_ca posted:
There seems to be several people on here who try to unlock a domain & then be told you have entered an incorrect birthday.

I dont remember even giving a birthday to begin with. (or if it is required there should be a message saying "hey this is important to enter correctly or we wont let you do anything"

Yes , I've already submitted the "forgot birthday" form, but even that should be faster than two days to process??

Thanks to anyone who can speed this along....
ReplyQuote11/30/2009 13:48
teamdynadot posted:
When you sign up for your Dynadot account, you enter a birthdate.

"* Please enter information you will remember. We will ask for them when performing certain account functions."
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I forget my birthday and security question..Kindly help me
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Looks like our management team was able to assist you earlier. Please feel free to contact them again via email if you have any further questions.
ReplyQuote9/27/2019 00:22