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domainexpired posted:
The new "For sale" landing pages have a HUGE background image.
PNG file size is 3,653 kb (3.6Mb) -
It has NOT been optimized for fast page loading.

I did my own test using JPEG compression at 90%, and got the file size down to 152kb
This HUGE background image is slowly down page load times, and potentially scaring off buyers.

Can you remove the image, and change the background color to the same blue..
....or at the very least, compress the file size to something more mobile friendly.
please. please.

ReplyQuote9/6/2020 07:41
Thank you Dyandot!
I can see you have updated the background image to 168kb
Sooooo much better, and quicker.. very happy.
ReplyQuote9/15/2020 06:22