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d_m_high_wycombe_gb posted:
the php on vps is out of date and this is the reply i got from support

Thank you for contacting us. Our engineering team had informed us that we would be making updates available soon. However, this was a few months ago, so we have asked for an updated ETA on that. We will let you know when we hear back from them

taking my business to host that cares about their products
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teamdynadot posted:
We do apologize for the wait, but our team is still working on that.
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v-s posted:
any changes for better?
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teamdynadot posted:
Thank you all for your interest and patience, we're happy to advise that new templates are available now, which includes CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 16 with Wordpress and Ubuntu 16 with LAMP:
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