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j_a_c_mandaue_city_ph posted:
Hi! I am new with this (zero experience), I want to list my domain at Sedo, they request for owner self verification, they gave an instruction on how to do it, but it is different, and now I am so confuse, under the DNS settings, I chose the TXT record, but there is only one option there, (only the IP address or host name.) different from the instruction because there are two options (the Response and the Host). My question is where should I put my Verification ID. And also, in the TLL they say I will put 3600, but there is no 3600.
Any reply is highly appreciated.
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teamdynadot posted:
Hi, looks like our chat support was able to assist you earlier. @ just means that the TXT record is for your root domain and you can enter it into the Domain Record (required) field on DNS page, Verification ID needs to be entered in the "IP Address or Target Host" box. TTL value is typically given in seconds,  so 3600 would be 1 hour.
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