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a_b_dubai_us posted:
Hi Any plan to accept .CH Domains ?
ReplyQuote3/14/2020 09:45
teamdynadot posted:
Unfortunately we do not have a expected time on when we will be supporting .CH Domains.
However, when we do start supporting these or any other new domains we will be sure to include them on our Monthly newsletter.
ReplyQuote3/21/2020 01:33
mpelle replied teamdynadot :
Dear Dynadot team. Please consider being a registrar for CH Swiss domains. More info here:
Thanks in advance!
ReplyQuote2/17/2021 17:25
teamdynadot posted:
Hello, thanks for bring it up. We will let the team check if we can support this extension.
ReplyQuote2/17/2021 20:02