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legalmaterial posted:
I am really clueless why some of their settings and functions are created so extraordinarily by some domain providers-
Dynadot leading the peculiar list of DN providers not only messing with sense, but don't even change it, when prompted by customers.
Please keep i mind, that I don't mess around as a noob user, having set up a website on a cPanel nonsense US h0stgat0r account or something... Not sounding arrogant, just telling that I am not fine with some settings depending on e.g. Nameserver usage (respectively any other obligatory nonsense) in here.

This from the plesk blog: " The nameserver will respond to all configured IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The IP addresses for your nameservers can be different from the ones you used for your websites."
So, in case you manage each domain via Custom DNS  (which is a must for me, as well it is pretty much the standard way) you might have bumped in this reasonless and senseless stuff Dynadot does to their customers.
Especially deteriorating I find, that setup of nameserver usually not even excludes ANY other DNS setting like A record or txt. I wonder a lot, why am forced to let some very important settings go if not used nameserver (which then excludes all DNS settings in this panel) too man y things depend solely on one other, which then excludes the freedom in custom DNS settings. Even when this often is a fair priced offer, I am really thinking, if some things do not change to good, that am leaving one by one.

Let me start with security relevant settings and go on with usage and UI issues:
1. DNSSEC not available when Using Custom DNS. (WHICH is by names one of the real drawbacks, as everythign gets more stressfull here)
2. Account locking (whoever this invented may have been irritated by paranoia) makes not much of a sense. Only extra burden and no security added. Plus they assume I could forget my birthdate... Lol
3. The usage lacks often clarity but simply a changed wording could help it, like if am in the custom DNS (luckily I do not use most of the time anything more than this) and I am prompted with a button to clear Picture what comes when I want to empty the whole setting:
4. ??Email Settings do not apply to custom nameservers?? What then? Another unneeded boundary.
5. Request of free ssl (usually a great option and wanted to tell it as an advantage) but again its set to boundaries: "As long as you are using our Dynadot name servers, we will always automatically renew your certificate." While I have not set it to their namesservers and still could request domain SSL... !!! They call it Custom DNS what I have chosen and then in the overview dashboard of the domain name it turns into Dynadot DNS. Very misleading!
6. I am personally very much disturbed, when things shall be paid via a cart and do not happen instantly. So there is often a too long timeframe for paypal to load in the account. Takes forever.

Ok, the good things I used to mention first, but, in case this is heavily bothering me, I put them last. Free SSL generally available is nice. They see the community of the world, but should start to LISTEN and act also.
And as well, their reaction time has vastly improved. The DNS changes I mean are effective fast.
I hope all this chaos and unneeded barriers disappear very soon
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teamdynadot posted:
Thank you very much for your feedback. We always appreciate getting notes and opinions from our customers! We will certainly look at all of your thoughts, and see how your suggestions may work. In the meantime, if any of these concerns effect your immediate use of our products, I encourage you to contact us through our online chat in the Support drop down menu above, or contact us through email at: In the meantime, thank you you again for your thoughts.
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Hi, and this friendly way is one of the main, if not the only reason why am still staying here.

Yes, if you want to have a clearer or more detailed description of what, in my eyes, is inbearable, then send me someone who I can exchange 1 or 2 mails with and Ill record a screencast also and make it clearer.
But I had too many times contact with support or chat and nothing really happened, nor was improved. So, send me someone with influence or the connection to these topics and can go on with the developers. Then okay... You know? Otherwise am wasting my time, at least hve the feeling to...
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teamdynadot says: Thank you ..., thank you you again for your thoughts.
(EDIT: THIS sentence before here is a QUOTE (shortened by me to save space) which isnt fully clearly VISIBLE. Again another critical point, which could easily be taken care off...

Look, if not a forum which already exists, could be  better place than a chat window (I think) I wouldn't have started the topic here.
Kindly send the guys responsible to this forum post, they can even take part if they like. What do You think?

P.S.: I BTW think that dynadot maybe sometimes should not care so much for what makes them different from others, but maybe more aften adapt what others do great. Maybe let a Usability expert and or (often one person) UI interface designer from OUTSIDE go over all the stuff you give people at hands to use and force things extraordinary to them (force= in case they want to use dynadot)
P.P.S.: I again started last week to think to leave this place. My partner who does the payment, each time needs help to navigate through the things and pay this or renew that. And I am not seldomly lost myself often in that case. Means the interfaces are clunky to me.
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nb1 posted:
Agreed. Especially on the account lock. Most annoying "feature". I am sure some overly paranoid users like it, but why force it on the rest of us. I see an easy fix, let me choose how long my account stays unlocked for including the option of forever where you will never relock it again....problem solved.
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teamdynadot replied nb1 :
The "Account Lock" feature is a security feature used to prevent anyone from hijacking your domains and/or changing important account information.  You can change the valid signin period - currently the longest is 24 hours.
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nb1 replied teamdynadot :
That only controls how long before you have to enter your username and password again. I tried changing it then unlock the account and it still says it will re-lock 1hr later.

IMO 2FA is a much more convenient and more secure way to add extra protection. If someone gains unauthorized access to someone else's account finding out the account holder's birthday isn't that hard....the net result being less convenient for the user while giving only the illusion of security. It is NOT real security! SO be honest and at least stop calling it secure.
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teamdynadot says: The "Account Lock" feature is a security feature used to prevent anyone from hijacking your domains and/or changing important account information.  You can change the valid signin period - currently the longest is 24 hours.

I particularly do not think this way, as well. Real security measures do look different. This looks more to me as someones idea, which was favored and added, cause anydbody wants to look cool. Why not make DNSSEC easily accessible and available for free always? This and some other things should have come first, IMHO, before adding unneeded account locks. If one steals the login, he will be able to misuse the account locking also (He could have a keylogger installed on the victims PC and know all about the person). Is it connected to IP bans? Has the "lock in" any usage/behaviour based pattern surveilliances features? After the login, if infiltrated and the setting of the account staying unlocked, the formentioned steps of stealing a domain are in enough time easily available, could be done by batch, etc.
And further more, what happens would be recorded by a reknowned domain provider, so Who ever would have anything from transferring the domain wihtout being able to use or sell it (whil I mean especially a hichgjacking can be performed well without the login), unless he wants to create a damage...?
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nb1 replied legalmaterial :
agreed it is stupid and pointless. I buy and sell domains regularly using Dan. I saw they are adding an account push to their API and was looking forward to it so I could automatically push a domain to Dan's holding account when it sells. But the domain must be unlocked for that to work (not an unreasonable requirement in of itself) but it is complicated by the fact that there is no way to unlock a domain from the API. Thrn I thought of a workaround, I can move a domain to a folder using the API, and I can have a folder set to unlock domains that are put in it. Just one problem the account lock prevents that from happening unless I happened to have unlocked it within the last hour....thry break my portfolio automation with the account lock and it is nothing more than "security theater" in the first place, of course convincing DD of this would be like convincing a flat earther that its really round....impossible. I just hope they wake up and LET THE USER CHOOSE! Please DD just LET ME DISABLE IT ON MY ACCOUNT! Then problem would be fixed.
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