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c_palmyra_us posted:
I can't use it effectively anymore. For one, it helped identify domains worth purchasing based on availability in other extensions in related to what's taken. With this newest update it's tedious and ineffective. If this isn't changed, I might have to consider other options.

Long time Dynadot customer
ReplyQuote4/4/2017 11:50
mr_k posted:
Thank you support for listening!
ReplyQuote4/5/2017 18:09
That's nuts! Time to speak to real supervisors & not let idiots ruin our show
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mr_k posted:
Thank you support for listening!
ReplyQuote4/17/2017 20:55
I do not get it. Why are we being ignored? Normally fast and courteous, but here is an issue which was  "fixed" when it was not broke; now some non-user programmer thinks he should get a promotion -- except he has screwed it up for the real users. Let's guess his age - 22?
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teamdynadot posted:
Sorry for the late reply and thank you all for the attention for the bulk search updates. Our designing team has made some updates to it and will redesign it in the future. Your advice will be delivered to the team as reference.
ReplyQuote8/23/2017 02:51
"late reply" ??? 4 months? "will redesign in the future" ?? what kind of robotic Support response is that? What redesigns? What about the OP's first question -- FOUR months ago?
ReplyQuote9/22/2017 02:23
We do apologize for that. The bulk search function has been updated. And thanks for your feedbacks with the forum replies. I will forward your feedback to our team and improve our forum reply service.
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