Launch Your Name as a Domain with .ME!

Paige Omandam
Mar 22, 2018
Have you ever thought about how powerful your own name is? Once someone knows your name, it can be the catalyst for new relationships, new experiences, and life changes, so you should take careful consideration where you share your name on the web. Think about what you want someone to find if they search for your name, whether it be your family members, friends, job recruiters, or coworkers. Registering your name as a domain is a great investment for your online presence, and with all the domain extensions available, .ME is the best extension to show off your individuality. Whether it be "FirstNameLastName.ME", "LastName.ME", "FirstNameMiddleNameLastName.ME", or any variation in between, you can create a website showcasing who you are. Once you launch your name as a domain, you can do an endless amount of things with it. To name a few:

1. Create a personal website without creative restrictions.

Social media platforms are great, except that you have to adhere to restrictions to photo size, word count, algorithms that determine who will see your content, as well as other limitations that put a strain on your creative freedom. When you create a personal website, you decide what your visitors will see and when they see it. All the content under your name will be under your control without any ads or restrictions. You can also link your website in the bio of your social media accounts, directing traffic to what you really want to share.

2. Give potential employers a digital handshake.

In this day and age, employers won't hesitate to search your name on the web. Give them a digital handshake when they find your portfolio or resume website under your "FirstNameLastName.ME" website. A paper resume full of text can only tell recruiters so much, but a website showcases your skills, projects, and personality using videos, images and other forms of media. A website in your name will look impressive on your resume and set you apart from other candidates, showing recruiters that you are tech-savvy and creative. Your name is your personal brand, so make the most of it!

3. Put together the pieces of your family history.

Ancestry kits are increasing in popularity, which means more people are interested in learning about their family histories. Your surname can give insight into your family's culture and past, and people who share your surname might know different pieces of information about its history. Put the pieces together by launching a website dedicated to your surname under "LastName".ME, creating a meeting point for you and your extended family. This website can act as a collection of your family timelines, historical records, photos, videos, and any other pieces of information that give you a glimpse of the past. Who knows, you might uncover some unknown family history!

4. Celebrate your individuality.

There is only one of you in the entire world, and that is something to be celebrated! For only $8.99, you can launch your name as a domain with .ME! Get your name on the web and show the world what makes you a unique individual. And hey, if you become famous, owning your name as a domain might come in handy!

Written by Paige Omandam