How to Use .TV on World Television Day

Paige Omandam
Nov 21, 2019
Since its invention in 1927, television has educated, influenced, and entertained people around the world, which is why the UN declared November 21st as World Television Day in 1996. Since then, the way we view video has evolved significantly. Flipping through channels on television is not the only way to watch videos anymore, and the term "TV" now encompasses any form of media involving video. For these reasons, the .TV domain extension is more valuable than ever. Here's how you can use .TV to establish an online presence:

Brand yourself as a video creator

Thanks to smartphones and cameras, anyone can become a video creator and even making a living off of it. Every video creator needs a website to serve as a home base for information, videos, and contact information for potential sponsors. With a .TV domain name, visitors will know right away that you're in the video content creation business.

Promote your live stream

Streaming is gaining popularity more than ever, thanks to streaming platforms like Twitch, which uses .TV as its domain name, Twitch.TV. You can automatically brand yourself as a streamer by registering a .TV domain with your stream name. Check out our blog about how to use .TV specifically to promote your video game live stream.

Share your love of television

If you're a superfan of a particular show, you can show off your love for it by creating a fan website with a .TV domain name. Assemble your fellow fans, compile show information, and arrange meetups around the show you love! Let the world know who the number one fans are.

Create a Video Portfolio

If you're an aspiring actor or actress, create a portfolio of your work with .TV! Showcase snippets of yourself acting on TV or in films, so you have a body of work to show your casting manager. Alternatively, if you're an aspiring filmmaker, you can use .TV as a portfolio of your film work. Having a portfolio website shows that you are serious about your craft and are looking to make it big in film and TV.

Celebrate World Television Day with a .TV domain name and register .TV today!