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Celebrating Women’s History Month
Charline Hoang
Mar 8, 2021

This March, Dynadot is celebrating Women’s History Month by highlighting some of the ladies on our team! We’re proud to have women represented in all of our departments, including Customer Service, Marketing, Design, Operations, and Engineering. Dynadot is comprised of 40% women, some of which are in leadership!

In honor of this month, we want to recognize the accomplishments and struggles of women in history that made this positive impact even possible. Dynadot encourages you to celebrate the women in your life, learn and share the importance of shaping gender equality in our communities.

We are highlighting some of the inspiring women at Dynadot this month. Join us as we share what makes us feel empowered working at Dynadot.


Graphic Designer

“Within my 4 years with Dynadot, they have given me nothing short of a nurturing & creative environment along with many great opportunities to better my skills. With the majority of my teammates in the design department being women, we're here to show the industry our creativity is ever-growing and unstoppable.”


Marketing Associate

“I began at Dynadot as a Marketing Intern, where I learned the skills to propel my marketing career forward from a team of encouraging and talented women. When I had the opportunity to return as a Marketing Associate, it was a no-brainer. At Dynadot, I truly feel supported and empowered in my role and feel like our inclusive environment sets us all up for success.”


Customer Service

“In the 7 months I have been working here, I have learned so much about the industry as well as myself. Dynadot believes in bringing out the best in its employees. I have learned true self-confidence from the women I work with which has helped me become confident in myself. Dynadot is full of energetic, intelligent, and empowered women. I am proud to be a part of Team Dynadot.”


Vice President

“At Dynadot, I get the opportunity to work with so many talented women across every department! As a woman in leadership, I also get the opportunity to pave the way for other women to feel empowered to take on opportunities to advance their careers and grow with Dynadot. We work hard every day to create an inclusive environment that acknowledges the talent and hard work that each member contributes to our team.”


Director of Aftermarket

"Being a woman in a male-dominated industry, I am extremely grateful for the amazing culture at Dynadot. We are encouraged to share ideas, thoughts, information, knowledge, and resources across the organization. It’s natural to feel empowered working with a cooperative and harmonious team who are ready to cheer you on."


Customer Service

“Dynadot supports its employees incredibly well and offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth. It has been exactly one year since I began working at Dynadot and I have been able to learn so much about the industry at that time. I have felt supported each step of the way and improved many skills. There are also strong women in tech influence here that is very inspiring!”


Marketing Manager

“Dynadot has had a tremendous impact on my professional life. It’s been my home for nearly 10 years and it’s no exaggeration when I say I’ve felt empowered and supported all this time. Women aren’t always recognized for their contributions in the workplace, but Dynadot recognizes hard work and always encourages us to share our thoughts and ideas with the team. I’m lucky to be surrounded by all the amazing, talented women here and look forward to our continued growth together.”


Customer Service

“As customer service at Dynadot, it’s really great that the ideas and feedback have been taken into consideration and implemented. I like working here since we support each other and we have been working hard to keep providing the best service to our customers. I am so happy that I work at team Dynadot.”


Customer Service

“Dynadot is a diversified company and the most exciting part should be that it has employees from different countries. Our voices can always be heard and our attention can always make something different. I am so proud to work with so many talented women. Girl power could never be ignored!”


Graphic Designer

“Dynadot respects everyone's suggestions and gives everyone a chance to express their ideas. In Dynadot for more than four years, I feel that the company's humanized management has given us plenty of space to grow and develop our abilities. Our female colleagues work hard and make progress, and we enjoy the fun of getting work results. I believe that the power of our women is unstoppable and can help us overcome all kinds of difficulties.”



“Dynadot is an amazing stage for me! It helps me to find a career plan that well suits me as a woman. At Dynadot, it allows me to work on what I’m interested in and good at. And all the ideas and thoughts are fully encouraged and considered by the leader. I’m so lucky to be working with such a humanized and dynamic team.”


Director of Customer Service

“I’m incredibly grateful for the empowered culture Dynadot has cultivated. When I think of our talented team - I see contributors, visionaries, and trailblazers.”

With the many words from the Dynadot team, we hope that we can inspire many other young women to take an interest in male-dominated industries and break barriers.