The Importance of Typography on the Web

Paige Omandam
Sep 11, 2017

When was the last time you read the newspaper? It’s probably been a while. When was the last time you picked up your phone? It’s probably been a few seconds. With the rise of technology, we are reading information from screens more than ever. That means that it’s even more important for the typography on our screens to be readable.

Before the advance of technology, most of the information we read was printed. Newspapers, magazines, books, brochures- our information was much less readily available than it is today. It’s important to look back at the history of typography to understand its importance in our daily lives.


Typography used to be a craft. Typographers were skilled in the creation of type for use in printing presses, which revolutionized the way information was spread. Individual letterforms used to be carved into metal, which would be arranged in letterpresses. With the rise of computers, typography began to shift from print to screen. This presented a new range of typographic issues.

The Age of Computers

Early computers had very low screen resolution. Typography that was meant for print had troubles in the limitations of the binary bitmap. In order to cope with this issue, Microsoft asked Matthew Carter, a British typographer, to create two typefaces for them. They wanted typefaces that would be clear even at low resolution. The solution he brought to them was Verdana and Georgia; two typefaces designed specifically for web use that assured legibility and clarity. When talking about Georgia and Verdana, Carter said, "For about 15 years, all the web designers hated me because Georgia and Verdana were among the very few faces that they could use if they wanted to do legible text on the screen. Now they’ve got much wider choices." Today, those two typefaces are still two of the most widely used typefaces on the web, among thousands of others that have been born out of the rise of technology.

Your Website

With so many typefaces and fonts readily available, it can be difficult to choose the best ones for websites. Thanks to the Dynadot Website Builder, the preset typefaces allow your website to be legible from desktop to phone screen. Our website builder allows your website to be stylistic, readable, and eye-catching- not to mention extremely functional.

Written by Paige Omandam