#ClockedOut: National Take A Hike Day!

Paige Omandam
Nov 17, 2017

#ClockedOut is a series of blogs showcasing what our staff does when they're not working at the web's best registrar! Since it's National Take A Hike Day, we talked to one of our Marketing gurus, Robyn, who crossed hiking to Everest Base camp off her bucket list!

Mount Everest Basecamp Hiker

"I guess you could say I'm a bit adventurous. I've always loved the outdoors and then I married someone who likes it even more than me. Two years ago, we checked off my #2 item from my bucket list and trekked to Everest Base Camp. Now, mind you, we did not go any higher than Everest Base Camp - which is at a mere 17,598 ft or 5,364 m - because although I've always dreamed of seeing the highest mountain in the world, I don't feel the need to actually stand at the top of it (and thankfully neither does my husband). Seeing Everest was an amazing experience, but as you trek through the Himalayas, you realize that it's actually quite an ordinary looking mountain. It doesn't really stand out and if it weren't the highest, no one would know its name. Instead, a local favorite is Ama Dablam - a very unique looking mountain that you definitely can't miss. The trek is an amazing experience that is highly recommended for any fellow hikers out there!"

Mount Everest Range

Pictured: Mount Everest in all of its glory!

Mount Everest Hiker

Pictured: Ama Dablam Mountain

Whether you decide to challenge yourself to hike up to Everest Base Camp or hike a local trail, celebrate National Take a Hike day simply by going outside and enjoying the outdoors! Hiking has also been proven to lower stress, strengthen bones and muscles, lower your risk of heart disease, and improve balance. Happy Hiking!

Mount Everest Climb

Tune into our next #ClockedOut blog to see what the rest of our staff does when they're not working at the web's best registrar!

Written by Paige Omandam

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Dec 26, 2017 11:53pm