How to Start a Travel Blog

Paige Omandam
Nov 8, 2019
Are you a seasoned traveler that everyone goes to for travel advice, but you don't have a travel blog? You're missing out on the opportunity to help people around the world navigate their travels more efficiently. 49% of travelers look at travel content sites for trip planning.

Everyone views the world through a different lens, which is what makes travel blogs so intriguing. Thousands of people can travel to one location and plan entirely different trips. For the newbie traveler, travel blogs are gold mines for figuring out the best hotels, activities, and travel customs you need to know before embarking on a journey.

Plus, blogging comes with great benefits— you can meet new people, earn a side income, and even receive travel discounts. Creating a travel blog might seem intimidating, but it's actually quite simple.

First, you need a domain name for your blog. Your blog's name doubles as your online identity, so you want to choose one that is available across all social media platforms. Finding your name with a .COM extension might be difficult due to its popularity, but luckily, there are many other travel-related domain extensions out there to choose from:

A successful name will be significant, catchy, short, and personal to your unique travel experiences. Here are some great examples of domain names that are available for registration.

Next, you'll want to build a website. With Dynadot, you can register a domain with us and easily link it to any site you create with our website builder. Using our website builder, you can easily customize our versatile templates with our drag and drop tools. Here's a rundown of the tools that can help you build an excellent travel blog:

Blog Tool

With Dynadot's Basic Website Builder plan, you get blog functionality with five customizable pages, mobile responsiveness, and five email addresses. Plus, you can easily connect any domain you register at Dynadot.

Image/Video Tool

No travel blog is complete without visuals! Images and videos are what inspire people to travel in the first place. With our image and video tool, you can drag and drop content directly on your website. Display your favorite destinations, foods, and scenery from your travel adventures. If you have a Youtube channel, this is also a great way to display your videos.

SEO Tool

More than 140 million U.S. adults will use online research to plan their trip. The SEO tool allows you to input a site description, footer script, and header script, which helps search engines to find your blog easier.

Contact Tool

Interacting with your readers establishes trust and credibility, which is why it's essential to give them a method to reach you. The more you interact with your audience, the easier it is to cater content toward them. A contact form also allows brands to contact you for sponsorships.

Social Icons

Since travel is such a visual activity, social media is essential to every blog strategy. The social media tool allows you to share your social profiles with your blog's audience. Building up your social following can significantly increase the number of people who read your blog.


Some other pages you can create alongside your blog are:
  • Packing Guides- What to pack on trips based on their length.
  • Travel Guides- Share the must-see destinations that you recommend with your followers.
  • Travel Resources- Guides for the best booking sites, best travel guides, and more.
  • Gallery- Show off your travel photos in a moving gallery.
  • Travel Schedule- Let your followers know where you're off to next.

Whether your blog is about travel, fashion, business, or more, you can easily register your domain and create your website with Dynadot.