Show Off Your .INK Online!

Robyn Norgan
Jun 23, 2014

Our two new top-level domain (TLD) extensions launching today, .INK and .NAGOYA, are a part of the massive expansion to make the Internet more representative of the many different types of projects and passions that it enables. .INK is the new TLD for artists of all kinds, while .NAGOYA is a geographic TLD for the Japanese city of the same name. Check out more about each new TLD below and check out our TLD page to see all the new TLDs that have launched or are launching soon!

The .INK domain allows any individual or company that uses ink as part of their creative process to broadcast their work to the world. .INK is the perfect domain to highlight your artwork, tattoos, publications, and all art or ink related products and services! .INK domains resonate especially well with all sorts of artists, such as tattoo artists and ink-based specialists, as well as writers and bloggers, and also publishers and ink producers and manufacturers.

The Japanese city of Nagoya and its surrounding area now have a domain that is just for them - .NAGOYA! Businesses can now establish themselves as local to the Nagoya area. With a .NAGOYA domain name, customers will know that you're open for business in their area. .NAGOYA is also a great option for personal websites and blogs.

Post by Robyn Norgan