How to Make a Website About Rhinos on Save the Rhino Day

Robyn Norgan
May 1, 2018
Happy Save the Rhino Day! I think today might just be my new favorite holiday! Sadly, it comes just over a month after the death of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino left in the world. Luckily, there is still time to save the rhinos and that's something that I personally think is worth doing.

I love rhinos so much, in fact, that I recently went on a rhino encounter at the Oregon Zoo. When I booked the encounter, I didn't realize how lucky I was - it ended up being the last rhino encounter for at least the next two years. Oregon Zoo is rebuilding their rhino enclosure and while they do that, they are sending their two rhinos, Zuri and Ruka, to another zoo. The encounter was amazing; I got to feed and pet both rhinos and learn all about them. Being so close to such gentle giants was an experience I'll never forget, which is probably why this experience was on my mind during a recent event I attended for Dynadot.

Earlier this month, I attended the Non-Profit Tech Conference with Dynadot's partner, Public Interest Registry, who runs .ORG. At our booth we offered free .ORG domain registrations coupled with our website builder. I realized that I wanted to show how easy it is to register a domain and build a website with our website builder. I decided to create a video of myself doing just that. But first, I needed to think of a .ORG domain and website and I wanted it to be something with meaning.

That's when I came up with It's a bit long, I know, but I believe it's also true! They really are the real unicorns - rhinos are even related to horses! Plus, I knew that domain name was likely to be available. I confirmed it was and started thinking of what I could include on my website. Although I wish I could start my own rhino sanctuary, with my limited resources I decided it would be best to simply mention a great one that already exists: Care for the Wild, the biggest rhino sanctuary in the world. I also thought about what information would be good for people to know about rhinos and finally, I found a few great photos of them (not difficult because they are so cute!) to include on my site. Check out my time lapse video below and visit my site - it's real - to learn more about rhinos!

I hope you can see how easy it is to get your website online in the video above. This video does feature our special events page for domain registrations, but don't worry - it's just as easy to find a domain and link it to our website builder on Dynadot's regular website. Creating a website doesn't have to be difficult or daunting. If you've got an idea, want to create a personal site or blog, or need a website for your business, Dynadot has all the tools you need. And, if you're looking to start your non-profit, .ORG is on sale for $4.85 starting today!

Our $4.85 .ORG sale ends 6/30/18 23:59 UTC.

Robyn Norgan Rhino Unicorn Website
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who is pictured here feeding Zuri, whose name means beautiful.